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OPGW Solution


OPFIBRE has 20 years' experience working with power station and electricity industry.

We have developed several network solutions which are dedicated for the power high voltage industrial connection.


Our OPGW solutions are able to achieve up to 1440 connections in one line under max 700 kv environment. The new developed structure con­sists of special aluminium alloy, stainless steel and special durable protection.


With the most important part of this solution, OPGW cable is designed for use in harsh environmental conditions. All the accessories also will be tailor-made in line with the high-standard material and process, such as aluminium alloy closure, vibration hammer, strength holder and brace fitting, etc.


All OPGW products will be of high-standard manufacturing and strict quality control. All of these parts will be running under 400 hours complement tests , in order to make sure all parts will be smoothly running for 25 years operations.

Please don't hesitate to contact our technical consultant for more details.

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