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LIPAC demonstrates FOWLP optical engine at OFC 2021

South Korean startup LIPAC Co., Ltd. conducted a demonstration of its Fan-Out Wafer Level Packaging (FOWLP) technology at OFC 2021’s Demo Zone. The company showed an optical subassembly based on FOWLP that supported 4x25G VCSEL and photodiode capabilities for an IEEE 100GBASE-SR4 optical transceiver. The company envisions using its FOWLP technology to create what it calls “SOSAs” (System-in-package-based Optical Sub-Assemblies) for a variety of applications, including optical transceivers and co-packaged optics. First products could be available in 2022, the company indicates.


FOLWP enables optical and electrical functional integration with reduced module size and thickness (270 µm), performance benefits (due, for example, to the reduction of parasitic components in the electrical interconnection), and the ability to scale to mass production. The FOWLP process removes the need for a substrate and wire-bonding for opto-electronic integration, LIPAC says. The approach offers the ability to integrate lenses and optics on the FOWLP surface, which reduces optical alignment costs, the company adds. LIPAC plans SOSAs with integrated lasers, photodiodes, waveguides and drivers.

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