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Q: What is exactly OPFIBRE's proposal?

A: OPFIBRE serves consolidation of goods. Whenever VIP customers buy goods from OOPFIBRE or other Chinese suppliers, our company will be in charge of consolidation and payments.  OPFIBRE will be in charge of Logistics Services for Consolidation, but the biggest difference is that OPFIBRE will also be in charge of payment to the other suppliers, and offer a special credit terms of the full payment for VIP customers.

Q: What is the BIG ADVANTAGE of this Supply Chain Management Services from OPFIBRE?

A: OPFIBRE will pay other suppliers in any condition of payment they require, but customer will send the full payment to OPFIBRE within special credit term. Normally Chinese factories and suppliers cannot afford credit term for customers; the most required payment form in China is Full Advanced Payment or sometimes 30/70 before shipment. Customers will be free of worry about such cash flow anymore once they join our Supply Chain Management Services for all purchases from China. They will be entitled to special credit terms.


Q: Will OPFIBRE charge any commission or costs over their suppliers' prices?

A: NO, OPFIBRE will pay exactly what customer negotiated with his supplier, no any extra commission or cost will be charged.


Q:What is the Special Credit Terms OPFIBRE can give to Supply Chain Management?

A: OPFIBRE will extend the credit term of 60 days from the condition required for other supplier. For example: supplier requests advanced payment, then OPFIBRE pays in advance to supplier and gives 60 days to customer. If supplier requests payment is 30 days from shipment, then OPFIBRE gives 90 days accordingly.

Q: Why is OPFIBRE giving such a Big Benefit to VIP Customers?

A: OPFIBRE takes customers as partners, so partners must grow and develop together. Only when our customers grow will OPFIBRE grow together. In addition to that, OPFIBRE has successfully gained government support to help us enlarge our oversea market. Then we are more capable of providing you with such VIP services.


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