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ADSS Cable Solution

The power industrial requirements are also our foundation of OPFIBRE products. OPFIBRE is committed to the advance development of electronics power system communications.

Our advantages of ADSS cable systems have covered different range of products and new developed solutions across market which are satisfying the new communication needs of the power sectors.


OPFIBRE concentrates on the improvement of the long-haul and low-loss transmissions, especially in the high volt­age power communication and power distribution automation, power information collections and the engineer resources, assessment and caterings.


We have full range of modules of ADSS cable and accessories to meet all the long-haul transmission needs in different environments.


With our high precision production equipments, we have high quality control process of raw materials with our ISO 9000,14000 management systems on all the way to delivery. The tracability of each single product and ma- terial will be also provided with all corresponding trading channels.


A skilled professional technical team with a decade experience is working for all customers' problems under in­ternational full time zone during the product implementation.

Please don't hesitate to contact our technical consultant for more details.

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